In 1975, Davy Jones appeared on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert with fellow band mate Mickey Dolenz. They performed with Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, who together with Neil Diamond and Carole King wrote many of The Monkees’ hits.

Prior to their performance, Don Kirshner gave a rather nice introduction of these four talented artists. Kirshner commented on The Monkees’ success during the late 1960’s and subsequently stated, “Now in the 1970’s the talent of Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart!”

As soon as he finished with his introduction, the camera cut to the four musicians as they pulled up to the theater in a car, wearing blue, white, yellow and red long-sleeved shirts with their names emblazoned on the back. They rushed to the stage as the band was playing “Last Train to Clarksville.” Once on stage, each member grabbed a tambourine and Mickey Dolenz began to sing.  Following this high-energy opening, Davy Jones took over the stage and sang “I Want To Be Free.”

After a performance by the Ohio Players and Rory Gallagher, who were also guests on the show that night, Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart came back on stage to sing “(Not Your) Stepping Stone.” This time Mickey Dolenz was bare-chested wearing a blue wig, beads and a mask. The group ended their performance with Monkees’ hits “I’m a Believer “and “I Remember the Feeling.”

Even though The Monkees never appeared on the Don Kirshner stage as a whole group, Dolenz and Jones’ performance with Boyce and Hart on the Rock Concert was certainly remarkable.

Despite his passing this week, Davy Jones’ impact on music history and memory on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert will continue to live on.  Rest in peace.